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CNCC Cave Booking System

Cave access for the following areas is managed via the online booking system:

  • Gaping Gill area
  • Newby Moss area
  • Hurnell Moss area
  • The Allotment
  • Leck Fell
  • Casterton Fell

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What is the cave booking system?

Since 1963, the CNCC has been working across our region to seek greater access in combination with good landowner relations.

Much has changed over recent years; cavers are not exclusively affiliated to clubs, the Countryside Rights of Way Act has revolutionised countryside access (although the inclusion of caving in this is subject to debate), and cavers have come to expect a more modern, electronic and inclusive means to gain landowner consented cave access.

The CNCC has responded to this, and the online booking system was born.

This has been developed as a compromise solution; a compromise between cavers who aspire for the greatest and easiest possible access with the fewest restrictions, and landowners, who during our discussions, have expressed a desire to keep cave access managed in some form.

The online booking system is open to everyone; gone are previous caveats that restricted access to clubs or BCA members. It is entirely electronic and instantaneous; no need to wait for a reply from a Permit Secretary; just log in; see cave availability in calendar format and book access immediately. There are no permits to print and much more practical and considered access conditions.

The system relies on responsible usage. Please do use it if wishing to visit any caves in the above areas. This is not only to respect the landowner wishes and help sustain excellent relations, but also to reduce unwanted congestion at popular potholes, and out of courtesy to other cavers. But use it sensibly; only make bookings you intend to use and try to avoid excessive ‘just in case’ bookings.

We hope you find the system useful.

Questions regarding bookings, please email

Any issues technical issues or questions, please contact